Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I Come to the Garden Alone?

Beautiful morning.  The rain of yesterday has finally blown away.  My mountain was clear and bright.

So back to my spot on the swing.  I love to sit there and take in the morning.  Although I have no human company, I am not alone.  There's usually a few little creatures that come to see me.  More likely, to see why I'm in their garden...

There was also new life bursting in the planters...  The tomatoes and lettuce are starting to come up.  Such promise.  It makes me happy.

I opened my Bible, randomly, and my eyes came to the story of Jesus as he heals the woman who had an issue of blood for twelve years (Luke 8:40-48).  The woman thought that if she just touched Jesus' robe, she would be healed.  The crowd was all pushing and shoving to get close to Jesus, but her touch was different and Jesus noticed it.   In verse 46, Jesus says, "Someone deliberately touched me, for I felt healing power go out from me."  

This verse made me stop.  I couldn't get past it.  Am I just part of the crowd, pressing to to see the spectacle of Jesus?  Or do I deliberately, with faith, press in to make contact with Jesus?  I want my encounters with Jesus to be deliberate, on purpose, and made with faith. 

I came to the garden alone, but left with renewed resolve to be a more deliberate seeker of Jesus.  That thought holds way more promise than even my tomatoes.  *;)

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