Sunday, October 25, 2009

23 years and counting

Today was Mark and my anniversary.  Twenty-three years.  Wow.  Time has just flown by.  As my usual routine, I got out the old wedding video.  Yes, video.  I really must get this transferred to DVD.  The tape is already showing signs of age.

It's fun to see how much we've changed.  We were just 21 and 22.  Kids by my standards today.  Dear friends all around us.  (They've changed just as much as we have...)  My sister sang, my father read scripture, my other sister was my matron of honor.  (Thanks sisters, for wearing that gaudy peach lace.) It was a great day.  I missed my mom.  She had passed away just three months prior.  I felt her presence.  Her friends from the church did all the work.  It was as much for her as it was for me.  Now that my father is gone, too, I cherish those few moments that where caught on camera of the two of us.  He was holding me close and giving me he his last words of encouragement before I left his home to make my own with Mark.  Sweet memories.  A lot can happen in 23 years.  I have an abundantly blessed life.

Here's the song my sister, Cindy, sang for us.

Enjoying the view!  *;)

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