Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Waves of Glory

We headed north for our Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday.  It was a fun day.  The waves on the North Shore of Oahu were awesome.  Even though the swell was going down, the waves were still in the 15-18 foot range. 

It's so hard to photograph waves. 
They all look the same - there's no scale. 
No one was surfing, too "blown out," but trust me, they were monsters!

And the sound, it thunders!  You can feel it in your chest as you sit on the shore.  Such amazing power.

It got me thinking...I wonder what David would have written about these waves, had he seen them.  The psalms tell of the ocean roaring at the sound of His name, but I bet the Mediterranean never gets like this.
So I did my best to write my own psalm, inspired but these mega-waves.

The glory of the LORD is all around,
Like a winter, North Shore day
Where mammoth waves roar like thunder,
They declare Your awesome power and might.
Their never ending rhythm proclaims Your faithfulness.
David was right, there is none like You.
If he had seen the majesty of these waves,
He would have included them in his songs.
For just as with these waves,
Your presence commands holy fear.

I can't imagine living my life without natural beauty all around.  It's one of the many ways that God speaks to me.  I see His glory everywhere. 

Like the song says,  "Open the eyes of my heart, LORD, open the eyes of my heart, I want to see You, I want to see you...."

Here are a few more pictures of our day.  I tried to put people in the shots in order to get a bit of scale on the waves....still doesn't do them justice.  Enjoy!

The beach was actually "closed"...




A bit more scale in this picture...



Moana and Rebecca

No day at the North Shore is complete without shaved ice!

holy experience

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  1. I so enjoy when I can spend time at the ocean! It is about a day's drive for us, but when I get the chance I take it!

    Like you, the waves, the sound, the power... it all speaks so profoundly to me about God.