Sunday, January 17, 2010

God is faithful to servants, too!

Since this year began, I've been keenly aware of the many references to God's faithfulness that come my way everyday.  Now that I'm looking for them, the just leap off the pages of my Bible.  I guess even that is an evidence of God's faithfulness. 

I did a Bible software search for the word "faithful" and "faithfulness" and got a list of 157 verses.  My goal is to study each verse and see what the LORD has to say about each one.  Here's the first:

“Praise the LORD, the God of my master, Abraham,” he said.
“The LORD has shown unfailing love
and faithfulness to my master,
for he has led me straight
to my master’s relatives.”  Genesis 24:27

As you can see, this verse needs a bit more background before it means a great deal to me.  It comes from the story of  Abraham and Isaac.  Abraham is getting old and wants to find a wife for his son.  He sends his servant to find a wife from his relatives.  The servant prays and asks God to show him who this woman should be.  And of course, Rebekah is found to be the one.  The verse above is the a quote from the servant.  He praises God for so FAITHFULLY showing him who he should take back to Abraham for Isaac's bride.

What strikes me about the servant, is that he refers to the LORD as "the God of my master," and considers the answer to his prayer to be faithfulness to Abraham, not himself.  He is an instrument of God's faithfulness in the life of his master, Abraham.   But God also shows his faithfulness to the servant, in allowing him to carry out his duties to Abraham.  On the other hand, God shows himself faithful to Abraham even through a "third-party" prayer.  There is just no end to the dimensions of God's faithfulness in this one verse.  Thank you, LORD.

Here are my entries for the 1000 Gifts listed this week:

31.  youth Bible study at my house ;)
32.  a chick flick and a snuggle with my honey
33.  free audio books from the library
34.  beautiful Ho'olmaluhia, my just-down-the-street getaway
35.  kids who help each other
36.  the gracious stranger who help me jump-start the Jeep
37.  Blue (my dog) dropping his ball at my feet, reminding me to play
38.  seeing the reward of our schooling
39.  a worship team that willingly follows my lead
40.  a pastor who believes in me and invests in my training
41.  the timer on my coffeemaker that makes a great alarm clock
42.  the soft bed that eases the strain of the day
43.  the luxury to sleep in a bit when I'm not feeling well

(I know this post is technically dated Sunday, but being so far around the world, most of you already have Monday's post up...  I'm just trying to keep current.)

holy experience

Feel free to join in with your list.  Post a link on your comment.  I'd love to see it.  Thanks!


  1. May your day be filled of more of Him!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Becky in Mexico

  2. I clicked on your link for 34. WOW, that is beautiful, you are very blessed.

  3. Lovely post, Karelin. Time to sleep in when your not feeling well and a chick flick with hubby. Great gifts.
    grace and peace

  4. Thanking God for those who remind us to play, dog or child. Blessings...

  5. You worship leaders are fabulous! As the Spirit leads indeed!

  6. I am so eager to hear what you continue to learn and discover about the faithfulness of God. There have been so many moments recently where I have had to remind myself of that very truth.

    Your #39 made me smile, I know exactly what you mean! Something truly to be thankful for!! :-)

  7. Great list! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on God's faithfulness!!Be Blessed, Angie in Ga