Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My, what big palms you have...

With all the preparations for Thanksgiving, I was getting a little weary. My eldest daughter, Steph, had the great idea of heading out to the Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden to hunt up some items for our centerpiece. We set out with high hopes but got seriously distracted.  We did find a group of trees that were very unique.

The trees didn't have name plates, so I have no idea what they were. Obviously, they belong to the palm family. These trees were so big, I couldn't believe it. They looked like they were Photo-shopped into the the garden, but out of scale. I picked up a palm frawn that was down on the ground and couldn't believe it's size. It reminded me of the huge fans that the "sisters" danced with in White Christmas.  Steph and I couldn't resist singing a few bars..."Sisters, sisters, there were never such a pair of sisters."

Anyway, it was a lovely break.
I hope that in your holiday preparations you are able to take a moment away
and enjoy the view...

Photos by Rebecca James

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