Friday, November 13, 2009

For this child I prayed...

All of my children are awesome!  I never imagined that I'd have four wonderful kids.  Having Andrew as the only boy makes things very interesting around here.  With just the three girls, it was quite a feminine house.  There were dolls everywhere, stuffed animals, Barbies, dress up clothes and pink everything.  I had the girl thing down.  But there was this itch inside me that I couldn't get rid I didn't need cortisone (that's another issue).  In the back of my mind, I wondered what it would be like to have a son. 

I really wrestled with this longing.  I felt like a kid who is surrounded by beautiful gifts, asking for more...  I prayed about it long and hard.  But I couldn't shake the feeling I had of being a spoiled child, having been given so much, yet asking for more.

Our annual women's retreat came along, and our speaker was a dear friend that I had known for many years.  I pulled her aside and told her of my dilemma.  She reassured me that just the fact that I was concerned about overstepping my blessings, meant that my heart was in the right place.  She agreed to pray with me about it, but felt like it was a longing placed in my heart by my loving, heavenly Father.  With much relief and excitement, I went home and approached my husband.  He too felt that our family was not yet complete.

You can imagine my excitement to find out that I was expecting just three months later.  When the 20 week sonogram came around, the proof came of what I knew in my heart.  God had granted my request.  It was a boy!   The girls and I immediately went out an bought a pair of baby blue booties and showed up at Mark's office with them.  What a joy!   By the next women's retreat, I was very pregnant with Andrew.  God is good.

Our house has never been the same since.  There has definitely been a shift in the atmosphere.  As the girls get older there is less pink, no more dollies, and the dress ups and make up are for real.  But now in the mix are various weapons, action heroes, and smelly socks.  Along with my "Little Women", there is a little man.  

These pictures were taken the same day... Flowers on my desk from Andrew, and his toy gun and poker chips on the chair...and he's only nine.

God is so gracious to me.  He places in me desires that He longs to fulfill.  What a loving Father.  What an extravagant Giver of Good things. 


  1. He sounds like a true boy indeed.

    I never cease to be amazed at how God chooses to bless us beyond our wildest dreams!

    That sounds like God indeed! A giver of all good things!

  2. I didn't know that story, K - so awesome! Thanks for sharing it!