Friday, November 20, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like.... Thanksgiving?

I can't believe there are only 35 days 'til Christmas!  *gasp*  I am determined to be ready this year.  Last year, it just seemed to creep up on me and then was gone before I knew it.  Even so, I'm not going to think about Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

It seems that everyone is so excited about Christmas this year.  There are houses on my block that already have their Christmas lights up - and turned on each night.  I know the stores have been pushing Christmas for weeks, but I don't get out much, and without t.v., I haven't seen the commercials.  But this year it's more than the stores, it's people around me, too.  I started to wonder why.  Maybe it's because this year has been more stressful for most of us. Perhaps we are all looking for relief from the day-to-day struggle and hear some good news for a change.  Christmas is a time when we can set our everyday turmoil aside and feel like kids again.  That certainly is a draw for me.  But believe me, Christmas will come, ready or not.

Don't get me wrong, I adore Christmas, I just really, really like Thanksgiving, too!  (almost and much as Christmas....)  Why?  There are so many reasons.  Here are a few:

  • Thanksgiving is a holiday that is not "religious" in nature, but more patriotic.  All Americans will celebrate regardless of their spiritual condition.  In a time where our country is widely divided, Thanksgiving is something we all have in common and can enjoy together.
  • Thanksgiving is not commercialized (unless you count the groceries stores falling all over themselves to sell you the cheapest turkey and evaporated milk...).
  • Thanksgiving is about family and friends, and coming home.  
  • Thanksgiving helps me to be generous with those less fortunate.
  • Thanksgiving is a chance to be still and thank God for what I already have in Him.
  • Thanksgiving helps me prepare my heart for Christmas.
  • Thanksgiving helps me prepare my house for Christmas.
With the difficulties that 2009 has brought to our country (and our world), Thanksgiving can be a great opportunity to stop and thank God for all he has brought us through.   Yes, Christmas will be here soon (35 days, *gasp*)  but I, for one, need this chance to stop.... and be still.....and truly give thanks.


  1. That's the one thing that I appreciate about American Thanksgiving as opposed to when we celebrate here in Canada - there is more of a focus to be thankful, to actually celebrate the holiday. We're a bit more laid back up here. Although I do, too, like to take the time to do these things you have mentioned!

    I hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving week!

  2. Hi K - are those Hawaiian pumpkins? They're pretty! We're off to Ted's sister and BIL's house in San Antonio for Thanksgiving again; probably our last time since he's retiring and they'll be leaving Texas in the spring.

    I've never in my adult life been this unprepared for Christmas, as measured by how many presents are bought/ready. But I'm also the least freaked out about it. There just wasn't time this year to stock up early. I will be challenged to find gifts and remembrances that are less labor intensive and more thoughtful this year.

    Not a bad thing.

    Love you!

  3. Yes, Cindy. Andrew and I took a trip out to the Aulons Farm on the Ewa planes. We picked our own for carving. The picture on the masthead is from that trip as well. Have a great trip, and Happy Thanksgiving. Love you, too!

  4. We were just talking today about how it seems everyone has their Christmas lights up earlier this year. We even already saw a tree up.

    I have noticed, even in my own heart, more of a spirit of gratefulness and thanksgiving this year.

    Maybe it's because of the holiday approaching... or maybe it's just been slowly cultivating in my heart over time. Either way, I am not waiting for the "day" to be thankful.

    Although I have to admit... I can't believe Thanksgiving Day is this week already! Where does the time go!?

    P.S. my word verification is "blessess"... how appropriate. :-)