Monday, May 3, 2010

Multitude Monday

Well, I didn't get the job that I interviewed for.  As my Grandma Gladys would say when she beat you at cards, "Sorry... goody."  I can't hide the fact that I really don't want to work outside my home.  I am going through the motions to be obedient, day by day, one step at a time. 

Living in today is the only thing that keeps the stress of life from taking over.  I must trust in the Lord today.  I have what I need today.  (Psalm 23:1, The Lord is my Shepherd, I have all I need." NLT)  Looking to tomorrow only makes me freeze up in fear. 

Since today is Monday, I wanted to add to my 1000 Gifts list.  I've been keeping it going in my journal even though I haven't posted it lately.  I've also started my kids on their own journals.  It is such a great way to keep my eyes on what the Lord is blessing me with every day and it's wonderful to pass that habit on to my kids. 

There are so many things that God gifts me with that if I wasn't looking for them, I would miss them.  It's kind of like spring here in Hawaii.  We don't have the dramatic change from winter to spring that most of the world has.  Here, the plants and flowers are always around.  If I don't deliberately look for spring, I could miss it.  Some of the subtle ways that spring arrives are the way we don't need to sleep with the extra quilt on the bed, or noticing that the wind off the ocean is warmer now.  I don't want to take for granted the new life that is all around me.  And I especially don't want to take God's blessings for granted.  Recording my 1000 Gifts has greatly helped me stop and say thanks to the Giver of all good things.


waking to find Andrew reading in bed

an almost forgotten rose, blooming in the garden

a peaceful school day

a clean kitchen sink

when my husband comes to my rescue

a bush full of hibiscus

new mercy today

dreams that speak of God's input into my life

chocolate chip pancakes

using new leadership skills

friends who keep me accountable

kids learning to count the gifts

morning rain that refreshes the dry ground

beautiful bike ride with Mark

gracious worship team that rolls with my mistakes

yummy barbecue dinner

God's provision, again

special fellowship with SIL

learning to fight the fight of faith

feeling a part of a community of believers that's bigger than what I can see

alone time with Mark - to talk and be quiet together

the beauty of paradise right around us

a daughter who trusts us enough to confide

dancing for the Lord

heart to heart talks

full moon rising over Kailua

answered prayer for heart cleansing

grace that calms an anxious heart

smoothie for breakfast

time to be with the kids

morning at the Sandbar with the family

cool water dip that refreshes

awesome view of God's creation

afternoon with cool rain that's perfect for Sabbath rest

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  1. What a beautiful list. I found myself thanking God while reading it and inspired to look for more of his gifts in the everyday! :)

  2. I'm a day late with mine because of the public holiday but your list is beautiful and long.

  3. So nice to meet someone else that loves to dance before the Lord with abandon!
    I can relate to so many of your gifts...esp. the chocolate chip pancakes!
    Thanks for the encouragement. I feel His Hands holding me.
    Blessings from San Antonio, TX!

  4. Thank you for visiting me. I love your list...all that incredible beauty around you. *sigh* God's creation is so full. I sit amongst ripening wheat fields on very gentle rolling hills, and you sit on a spectacular volcanic island, lush with tropical beauty, in the middle of the ocean! Such a creative God!!! 'Full moon rising over Kailua' - must be spectacular! Praising God with you today.

  5. Thanks for stopping by. What a beautiful blog you have. I enjoyed your gratitude list, and your other posts I read as well. I've never been anywhere like Hawaii, but I imagine that is is incredibly beautiful. What a blessing to be surrounded green and life year round.

  6. I love your idea of having your kids do their own journals. That has inspired me. I think I will start my kids on their own soon.

    I was also challenged by your mention of the season change being subtle for you. I have found, for myself, sometimes looking for blessing in the subtle things are the most beautiful and profound.

    As always, thoroughly enjoyed your list!