Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Multitude Monday?

(I know it's Tuesday...I started this yesterday, but didn't get it published.  Sorry...)

It was an action-pack weekend.  Just what I needed to de-stress from an emotional week.  This job hunting thing is really an emotional roller coaster.  I find a job to apply for that seems like it would work for me and the family, send in my resume, wait, wait, wait.  If I get a call for an interview, I get all excited, show up, give my best (try to explain who I am in 10 minutes...), then more waiting.  So far, nothing has come of the process.  Nothing outward anyway. 

So to get away, the family packed up and set out for Waimea Bay on Sunday afternoon.  Well, half the family.  We let a couple of kids stay with their friends...remember, I'm de-stressing.  (It was not the day to force a family outing.)  The water could not have been more beautiful.  This is a beach that's known for it's monster waves during the winter.  The Eddy Aikau surf meet wont even be held unless the waves are 40'.  But in the summer, the bay is calm as a lake.  The water was so clear, you could see your toes and the sandy bottom below.  Incredible.   This beach is also known for it's dangerous undertow.  When I was a little girl, about 5 years old, my dad had to come rescue me.  The tow started taking me out, and I couldn't get back in.  Ever since, I've had a profound respect for the ocean.  I'm not a huge fan of big waves.  So this Sunday, the water was so inviting, I stayed in for 30 minutes.  Not too cold, not too windy.  Just right.

After swimming we fired up the little beach grill and made fish tacos.  The fish was shark...very tasty!  Roll it into a home-made flour tortilla, add some beans, cheese, tomato, sprouts and salsa.  A great meal to watch the sunset.  Such a gift.  I was revived and at peace.

1000 Gifts (252 - 261)

sales on Craigslist

God's living Word

waking with a song in my heart

a husband that doesn't mind doing the dishes

the trampoline that brings their play together and bridges the age gap

clear water of Waimea Bay

parking place in an impossible lot

fish tacos, cooked on the beach

silence of sunset, all watching, followed by cheers as it melts away

crescent moon that smiles at me as it follows me home


  1. Love you list...I got to visit Hawaii last year. Beautiful water and beaches.

  2. It's amazing how often the Lord puts a song in my heart in the morning...I could relate to your thankfulness for that...and the cooking on the beach sounded like fun even though I am vegan!

  3. Oh I'm so glad you had this time this weekend. It sounds delightful! You definitely deserved it.

    I've never tasted shark. Sounds interesting... :-)

    Continuing in prayer regarding your job situation. Encouraged and blessed by "God's Word" and a "song in your heart" making the list during this time of waiting on Him. I'm guessing He is blessed by it too.