Friday, February 12, 2010

Random Thoughts

Okay, it's Friday of a very long week.   Can't get a cohesive thought together, so I share some random ones...

#1:  Faith and Bellybuttons
 (I told you it was random.)  Stay with me...

At one time, we all depended on our umbilical cord for life.  We got all our nourishment and oxygen from our mothers through it.  We developed into who we would be while attached to it.  But on the day our our birth, the cord was cut.  We could eat and breath on our own.  It became useless.

It occurred to me the other day that there will be a time when I wont have to live by faith. When I get to heaven all the questions will have been answered.  All the wonderings will be known and my faith will be useless.  Kind of like my bellybutton is now.  I wonder if I'll get some sort of spiritual bellybutton in Heaven to remember the days when faith was my lifeline here on earth...

I LOVE this view 'cause it means I'm lying on the deck of Pakele Nui!

#2:  The Pioneer Woman did a post about the things she loves.  Here's my list.

I love:


driving my Jeep

worship music


my kid's laughter

green mountains


sand between my toes





candle light

flag football


spring break


a good foreign film

home education

watching my daughter's dance

listening to my kids sing


reaching the top of  Olomana






listing things...

#3:  Holding a newborn.

Today, I got to hold a sweet little one.  He was so small, he just fit into the bend of my arm.  I got to feed him his morning snack; four ounces of formula.  Oh, those little grunting sounds he made reminded me of when my own were so little.  The smell of his head, the warmth of his skin, and the little TINY feet and fingers were almost more than I could bear. 

Is it possible that now, 3 of  4 of my babies are bigger than me?  February is birthday month at our house.  Three of my four have their birthdays within an 8 day stretch.  No, I did not plan it that way...  By the end of the month, I will have a new 18 year old, a 14 year old, and a 10 year old.  (The 15 year old's birthday is in April ~ on Easter this year!)  The seasons of my life are changing.

 LORD, help me stay faithful in the process!

#4:  I love this ballet.

Reminds me of what happens when Mark has to leave for work... *;)

I may be a bit random today, but the word of the LORD stands forever constant:

Love does not delight in evil, but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

— 1 Corinthians 13:6-7 (NIV)


  1. My thoughts and moments of my days seem to have been more scattered lately too. *sigh*

    #1 reminded me of that line from the hymn "It is Well"... "And Lord haste the day when my faith shall be sight." Now that's a hope and promise I eagerly cling to!

    We also have 3 birthday's coming in a two week stretch this month. We have decided to celebrate all three together this year. WHEW!

  2. I like Random Thoughts days! It seems that much of my days are lines on randomness streaming through my mind! :) I like the idea of spiritual belly buttons a lot, i wonder what that will be like!