Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Mary, Did you know?

Our little hula halau at church has been practicing for this Sunday.  We're dancing to the song, "Mary, Did You Know".   Practicing this song over and over (and over... and over) has really given me a chance to ponder this song. 

Here was Mary.  A young girl by modern standards, newly wed to Joseph, far away from home.  She gives birth to a sweet baby boy.   There was nothing ordinary about the circumstances surrounding his birth.  But did things settle into a routine in the years that followed?  What was it like raising the Son of God?

What an overwhelming responsibility.  How could she possibly know what lay ahead in her son's life.  Her son had come into the world to be its Savior, that she was told.  She was also told that a sword would pierce her own soul.  Did that knowledge affect her mothering of Jesus?  Or was it pushed to the back of her mind? 

The song says, "when you kissed your little baby, you kissed the face of God..."  That line is almost more than I can wrap my brain around.  How can an imperfect, human woman be given charge over the Most High?  How loving and trusting is the Father, that He would devise a plan that would so intimately involve us.  Mary played an indispensable role in bring Christ to the world. 

Lord, let me see that even I have an indispensable role to play in my world.  Let me never miss the opportunities you give to bring Christ into the dark places.  I may not be raising the Son of God, but if I don't carry His love to others how will they know Him?

Perhaps I'll get a video of our group dancing.  But until then, enjoy this clip.  (Turn off the music player at the top of the page first.)

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  1. This is one of my favorite songs! As I begin to think of the enormity of the event, I also find it difficult to wrap my brain around what that must have been like.

    If you get video of the group dancing, I'd enjoy seeing it!