Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tuesday...I'm back!

Aloha everyone!  You may have thought I fell off the end of the earth...  But no, I'm just trying to adjust to this new "schedule-free" summer.  Our family has been having a great time together.  I'll share some of our recent doings.

To end our school year, we went camping at Kualoa Beach Park.  It was a great long weekend with our church family.  Camping on the beach is so fun.  The kids have so much to keep them busy.  At this particular camp site, there is an island off-shore that was just close enough to kayak to.  Rebecca also made it out there on her surf board.  We swam and collected shells.  Andrew went crab hunting after dark.  And of course, Mark had to build his famous campfire.  S'mores all around.  Great fun.

Koolau Mountains on one side...

Kaneohe Bay on the other.

Empty beach was perfect for morning quiet time.  God's creation takes my breath away!

"Chinaman's Hat" where the kids played most of the day.  When Mark and I were in high school, we climbed to the top...I haven't been up there since.

Relaxing under the common tent.

Andrew and his catch of sand crabs...they were released back to their homes shortly after this was taken.

On Father's Day, we made another trip up to Waimea Bay.  It seems to be our go-to beach for barbecues.  Can you blame us?  

(Not our boat...  Maybe some day we can bring Pakele Nui up the coast.)

More burritos on the beach.   Our crowd keeps growing.  This time we were joined by friends Jess, BJ, Makana, Victoria, and Jake.  The word's out!  But the more the merrier.  I love having the kids' friends along.  And feeding the crowd is fun, too.  Mark and I are getting quite a system. 

I'm still looking for work.  I thought I had a position, but it fell through.  It's really stretching my patience.  I'm not sure what the Lord wants me to learn from this.  I keep returning to my theme for this year, Faithful.  God is a faithful God.  And I will continue to be faithful in trusting Him to see us through. 

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the time off of school.  These days are passing quickly.  Reading is a treat and my tan is finally getting the attention it needs.  ;)  Already I'm feeling the itch to get my curriculum planning started for next year.  Only 7 weeks until we start again.  Every year I promise not to put it off.  Perhaps you will keep me accountable to that goal...

Thanks for stopping by.  I appreciate you!


  1. It looks and sounds like you have been having some wonderful times of friends, family and relaxing! So glad you are taking this time for YOU!

    However, so glad to see you back. I have missed you!

  2. The camping always looks so fun! Glad God did not let fire ants make it to Hawaii. ;-)

    Love to all the Jameses. Miss you so much.

  3. Cindy - actually, they did make it to Hawaii. The kids found some on Chinaman's Hat...how they got there I'll never know! *;)

  4. Karelin,
    HI! The pix are gorgeous...what a gift to live in Hawaii! So, do you have your curriculum? I'm still praying and waiting...I HATE curriculum. But I sense it's time to become more 'scheduled'.
    Enjoy your summer...again, it was fun to view your life...thanks for sharing.